New Resident’s Guide

Welcome to Constance Bay

Some information for new arrivals:

Community Association. The Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association (CBBCA) serves the area bounded by the Vance’s Side Rd, Woodkilton Rd, and the Ottawa River. The volunteers on the board work with elected representatives and government officials at the three levels of government to advance the needs and aspirations of our community. We also operate the Constance Bay Community Centre, a wide range of athletic and recreational programming, and many charitable, social, and fundraising events. The CBBCA also undertakes, independently and in partnership, the enhancement of community facilities. We are just people like you and we aspire to be the best Community Association you’re ever known.

The fastest way to connect with village life is to become a member of the CBBCA and participate in its events and programs. A one-year family membership is $25, and an individual membership is $10. Click here   to be taken to the registration form.

The Community Centre. The CBBCA Community Centre is owned by the City of Ottawa but, since its construction in 1978,  is  managed, maintained, and developed by the CBBCA.  This is a fairly normal model for the delivery of rural services where conventional City operated facilities are not viable.  The arrangement also provides the CBBCA with considerable latitude in leveraging the facility to support the delivery of community lead services, programs & events, private programs, and charitable endeavors. You’ll find we facilitate an extensive suite of programs and services. There is no full-time staff on site. We can all help to make the volunteers’ jobs easier by not littering the building or grounds. Do not play with hockey pucks or skateboards inside the building. We aspire to operate the best community centre, the most programs, and offer the best prices you can imagine.

The Centre is monitored by video cameras which are connected to the City of Ottawa Security Centre. Please report any vandalism or inappropriate behaviour to the police or by dialing 311.

The Centre may be rented for private functions such as parties and weddings. CBBCA members enjoy discounted rates for facility rentals.

The Centre has wireless Internet access through the library, and your library card will allow you to use it free of charge.

Health & Social Services; The West Ottawa Community Resource Centre operates outreach, referral, transportation, and Meals on Wheels on Monday’s & Thursdays from their base at the Community Centre.

Speed Limit. The speed limit in The Bay is 40 km/h. Please adhere to this. There are no sidewalks in the Bay and little lighting, and people walk on the edge of the road with their children and dogs at any time of the day or night. A large number of bicycle riders use the roads in The Bay and elsewhere, so pay attention, keep your speed down and give other users a wide berth.

Walking at Night. For the reasons noted above, walking at night can be dangerous. Please walk facing oncoming traffic and wear light-coloured or reflective clothing. It is strongly advised that you carry a light.

Mail. Most residents have a driveway mailbox, and the letter carrier puts the flag up when he delivers something. Anyone with such a mailbox can also put outgoing mail in it early in the day, raise the flag, and the letter carrier will pick it up when he/she goes by.

Community mailboxes of the type common in the suburbs are located at the site near the General Store and at selected other locations throughout the village.

Burn Permits. As a rural resident you are required to obtain a fire permit from the City of Ottawa for any open burn. By definition, this is virtually any fire except your barbecue. If you are burning leaves or have a campfire, you must first obtain an annual fire permit. Click here  to go to the appropriate part of the City’s website.

Fire Department. Ours is a volunteer fire department manned by our neighbours and friends. They are highly skilled and as capable as firemen working out of any firehouse in Ottawa. Call 911 if you need their assistance – they will be there for you.

The fire hall is on the corner of Bayview Dr. and Bishop Davis Dr.

Neighbourhood Watch: The Neighbourhood Watch program is in effect in some parts of the Bay and is spreading. This is the most effective way to cut down vandalism and you are encouraged to join and become a block captain.

School Buses: School buses from several boards provide transportation for elementary and high school students living in Constance and Buckham’s Bay. Links to schedules and routes visit the School board websites; Public   and Catholic.

There is no OCTranspo bus service to the Bay, though there is a limited service from nearby Dunrobin. Very reasonably priced transportation is available for senior’s and those with special needs. Visit the Services section of this website for more details.

Rural Ottawa. The City of Ottawa website ( has complete information about living in the rural environs of the city. There are many informative pages about everything from agriculture to water, wells, septic systems and rural recreation.

The City also maintains a web page for Constance Bay Village  and for the village plan . The village plan contains land use planning and community consultation notices and results.

Winter Trails: The Torbolton Forest has marked trails for skiers and walkers, and a main trail for snowmobilers. The main trail that runs roughly southwest to northeast through the centre of the forest is an official snowmobile trail. Snowmobilers pay a significant fee for the use of the local trails and they move fast along it. For safety, if for no other reason, when you are walking or skiing on this trail and snowmobiles approach, please move off the trail immediately. And if you are walking a dog, put it on a lead and make sure it is off the trail also. The CBBCA maintains about 25 km of ski trails through the forest – visit the Cross Country Ski page in the Programs section of the web site.

Another Winter Item: Be sure to clear the snow from the front of your driveway mailbox. If the letter carrier can’t access the mailbox, you will get no mail and probably a notice from the local supervisor. (Other times of the year make sure the approach to the mailbox is not obstructed by puddles, trash or parked cars.)

Events and Information: Keep your eye out for notices of CBBCA events on the sign on Dunrobin Road at the entrance garden, the Legion sign and elsewhere around the Bay. Check the CBBCA website from time to time if you want to know what is going on or who to contact, our website at is the fastest way to find out. You can receive information in your email by joining the CBBCA Facebook Group or receive just in time updates every three to six  by subscribing to our e-letter. Or you can go into the Community Centre and read the notices posted there. The printed newsletter, The Bay View, is mailed to home five to seven  times a year. Visit the Links of Interest page of our website for more useful web-sites and Facebook Pages and the Business Directory.

Library: The local branch of the Ottawa Public Library operates out of the Community Centre. The hours are available here.

  • Use your library card to access the high speed Internet connection at the Library or by wifi in and around the Community Centre, .

Used Clothing Drop off. There are two boxes for clothing donations in the village, one at the Lighthouse Restaurant and the other at the General Store. Used clothing is accepted, but not household items. Please place clothing inside the boxes, and keep your garbage at home for the regular weekly pickup as per the City of Ottawa calendar. In The Bay garbage day is Monday.

Garbage pick up

Waste pick-up is on Monday; garbage is picked up every other week with the blue bin. See the City website and flyer for recycling days and holiday schedules. We live a rural community and animals will get into garbage that is left overnight in plastic bags. Please place plastic bags on the street in garbage cans and not before 7 pm on Sunday evening. After collection, empty garbage containers must be taken back in before 7 pm on the day of collection, to prevent them blowing around, etc. Its about more than aestetics, there are lots of animals you don’t want confusing your house with a diner.

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