Library Branch*

The City of Ottawa operates a branch of the Ottawa Public Library in the Community Centre. It has two computers and very high speed Internet as well as all of the traditional library services. It also provides information about a wide range of city and library programs.

Library hours are available by clicking here. You can call the library at 580-2940.

Technological innovations at the Ottawa Library Board have made our little branch more relevant today than ever before with utilization consistently growing by over 10% per year. With on-line ordering almost every book, e-book, magazine, audio book, and video  in the city’s inventory is available for pick-up at the branch. Users can surf at 100 mbs on the OLB’s dedicated fibre network or use the wi-fi.  It isn’t surprising that 91% of residents felt the library branch was important to us, 65% said very important. With the completion of Sandhills Phase 1 in September 2015 the Library moved into its new space; it is now bigger, brighter, and better than ever and is already fulfilling  its potential as  a as a social hub and centre for life-long learning for people of all ages. Come in, sit down, relax.

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