Community Centre


The Northwind Wireless Fibe Centre is a recreation centre located in Constance Bay Ontario. Since its construction in 1978 the Community Centre has been managed, maintained, and developed by the CBBCA.  This is a fairly normal model for the delivery of rural services where conventional City operated facilities are not viable.  The arrangement provides the CBBCA with considerable latitude in leveraging the facility to support the deliver affordable, community lead, services, programs & events, private programs, and charitable endeavours. In 2015 the community, lead by the CBBCA and in partnership with the municipality, completed the second major expansion of the facility and the Constance & Buckham’s Bay Community Centre became the Northwind Wireless Fibe Centre.

Supporting the community in its pursuit of recreation, athletic, cultural, and charitable endeavours is central to the CBBCA’s role. The Board will consider waiving user fees and/or contributing any proceeds from the use of the facilities for events and programs which are aligned with the CBBCA’s Public Policies and objectives. This generally includes fundraising for charities, not-for-profit organizations, responding to area individuals and families in crisis, and helping launch important programs and services. The centre is used frequently to raise funds for such things as the Cancer Society, Food Bank, Churches, and others.

The Northwind Centre and facilities are available to all for leisure activities; enjoy it, it belongs to you. The facilities are also available for  resident lead programs, activities,  and private rentals. Visit our Book the Community Centre Page under About Us,  send us an email, or call 832-1954 for more information.

The operation of the Northwind Centre is  supported by city grants, in 2016 they amounted to $34,000 for centre operations and $4,100 for rink operations. With the support of partners, Membership Fees, fundraising, and an engaged community the CBBCA has sustained, developed, renewed, and expanded  the facility so that today it is a unique, modern, rural facility of nearly 17,000 ft2; it includes five activity rooms, Fitness Centre, a performance stage for theatre and entertainers,  a branch of the Ottawa Library,  two ball diamonds, an outdoor rink, a playground, volleyball & basketball  courts, a skateboard park, and two soccer fields.  The facility is heavily used, seven days a week, averaging 90 to 130 hours/week of activities depending on the season. It offers all of the modern conveniences with integrated presentation screens & HD projection systems, Wi Fi throughout, the latest fitness apparatus, a card-lock system, hearing assist equipment, book scanners etc.

Ensuring we operate the most affordable, most accessible programs and services is central to the CBBCA’s mission. Needless to say the CBBCA relies heavily on volunteers and there is always a need for more. The centre belongs to all of us and its everyone’s job to help keep it clean and safe.