The Services listed here are offered within the CBBCA area; private and 3rd party services are recorded on this site for information purposes and are denoted by an asterisk.  Collectively we  offer many services that make living in a rural neighbourhood both safe and healthy. You and your neighbours are invited to take advantage of all services available  and of course, help us deliver them.

You can access program descriptions and registration information from the left menu. You will find a listing of local businesses/professional services in the Business Directory on the top menu.

With the completion of Sandhills Phase 1 there are now opportunities to close some of the most important service gaps in the extended community including primary health care, outreach services, and supports for care providers. The CBBCA is currently on track to start construction of it’s Millennium Kitchen in 2017 to support the launch of food related programming and services like Meals on Wheels and Country Kitchen. The new services and kitchen are key elements of Project Sandhills Phase 2. We are always working with partners to find opportunities through collaboration to extend the number and quality of services available to the community.  If you have an idea for a service that you think might benefit the community, send us a note.

We rely on residents and volunteers who give generously of their time. Join us if you don’t see what you want to do and would like to arrange a specific activity.

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