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July 2015

  • The ‘new concept’ Multi-Use Kitchen

    Kitchen reno Feb 21 2016

    Key Features
    The aisles are 6’7” to allow parallel flows and/or people working back to back comfortably.
    There is 70′ of usable counter space.
    Plates, cups, etc are stored on carts rather than in cupboards to make set-up and clean-up easier. Carts are stored under counters & shelves.
    Sinks are distributed to minimize congestion for hand washing, during food preparation, and during clean-up.
    For group cooking each position has a stainless cart with portable induction cook tops, cutting boards, and hand appliances. During banquets some carts will provide additional work surfaces while the rest are stored under the counters.
    There are two light settings; one for cooking and one for dining.
    Buffet service moves to the back of the hall making event transition from dining to entertainment easier & providing easy access to hydro.
    For safety and cost efficiency, there are no gas appliances.

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