Project Sandhills

Since it’s inception over 70 years ago the CBBCA and our community have worked to build and expand our community’s services and facilities. An almost continuous series of tireless volunteers, leaders, and projects have built, expanded, and created what and who we are today. Our mission continues to be to follow in those footsteps; to collectively build and create an even greater legacy for the volunteers, leaders, and community of tomorrow. Join us.

Project Sandhills Phase 1 started in 2012 and completed in 2015; it was all about building on our history to create new opportunities. Thanks to hundreds of donors, generous corporate donors, dozens of volunteers, and Eli, the CBBCA contributed over $400,000 to the Major Capital Partnership with the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Library Board. The expanded centre, now nearly 5,000 ft2 larger and 17,000 ft2, feels different; brighter, welcoming, spacious, and comfortable.  Phase 1 was a complete success; it created an exceptional array of new opportunities for residents.

Sandhills Phase 2  is now well underway; it focuses on leveraging our new opportunities, expanding programs and services through partnership, and on renovations that will make the existing building more comfortable, more versatile, and able support a broad range of new programs and services. Phase 2 is about transforming our new opportunities into benefits for the whole community. Leveraging those opportunities drove utilization up over 30% in 2016 to 62,000 visits, excluding Library patrons, as new programs & services launched and participation in existing programs grew. All-In & the Fitness Centre alone have generated over 300 new members. With new programs, from Art to Zumba, and new services,  from the WOCRC’s new service centre to Foot Care, the centre’s new capacity is rapidly filling up. As importantly, the centre now makes a significant contribution to the quality of life for an even larger part of our extended community. The evolution from Phase 1 – opportunity created, to Phase 2 – solutions delivered, is well underway.

kitchen3kitchen4The original Constance Bay Community Centre is the foundation of our success and in 2017 it  underwent significant renovation and modernization. The revitalization of the “old community centre” is an essential part of  Sandhills; Phase 1 created nearly 1,500 ft2 of space to be re-purposed into essential new program rooms.   The City has replaced the main floor washrooms and at the same time, in partnership with the City, we’ve made other changes to make the common areas more appealing and functional, set-up of the new Club Room, and renovated the Link Room . The projects transformed these heritage areas so they blend seamlessly to the Sandhills standard.

The cornerstone of Phase 2 is our new concept kitchen. Over the years, hundreds used our old kitchen for numerous and varied events; it has seen thousands of pancakes, tons of roast beef, banquets, buffets, and more. It had limitations, it wasn’t a good place to work, but somehow it got the job done. The Millenium Kitchen will eventually be big, bright, fun, and create exceptional opportunities. Borne out of technology and the imagination and experience of local chefs the new kitchen will do everything well; if you’d like to pop in and join a class to make a great soup for lunch, whip up something different to take home for dinner, or join a gourmet club for a great group cooked meal, the Phase 2 kitchen is a concept made for you. Once fully operational we expect to run 15 activities a week for groups of 10. People working the kitchen for one of the dozens of church and CBBCA events, weddings, and anniversaries will find the kitchen’s banquet configuration a welcome and dramatic improvement. It is a big job with a fairly significant price tag. Special events,  donations, and 5 year memberships will help fund the project. The initial stage will deliver a dramatically improved banquet experience with a design that provides space, convenience, and many small details that make the Millennium  Kitchen unique.  Once completed, the Northwind Wireless Fibe Centre will add dozens of hours of popular new programming each week, generate thousands more visits, and show once again why we’re the little community that can.

Engraving is now in progress for Phase 2 of the CBBCA Donor Wall. The wall recognizes the contributions to our past, our present, and our future. New donor tiles are now available; donors of $250 or more will receive a 6×6 engraved tile with 2 lines of text up to 36 characters, donors of $750 or more will receive a 12 x 12 tile with up to 5 lines of text and 105 characters. Donations are not tax deductible.

You can order your  tile here:

6×6     (2 lines of text up to 36 characters)

12×12  (up to 5 lines of text and 105 characters)


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