West Carleton is host to Canada’s only Outdoor Hockey League east of Saskatchewan. Each week from January to early March boys and girls 4 to 15 practice on our rink and play a fun, non-contact, non-competitive, co-ed Saturday game against one of  West Carleton’s other communities. Whether they come out to improve their skating or to practice a trick the kids all come out to play and leave with a love of the game and the outdoor rink.  Outdoor Hockey is a CBBCA program in cooperation with the communities of Dunrobin, Fitzroy Harbour and  Carp.

Game characteristics:

  • Full hockey equipment is required (for safety – it doesn’t need to be fashionable), Goalie equipment and jerseys are provided
  • No body checks or slap-shots
  • No score-keeping, standings, or game records
  • No time keeping ( games are approximately 1 hour)
  • Refs are the exception below U15. Refereeing is informal and whistles are rare; icing and off-side are called at the discretion of the “ref” volunteer based on the relative skill of the player and balance of play.
  • Most teams go the season without a penalty. If one occurs the ref decides the penalty; for significant or repeat intentional fouls at younger ages the sentence is usually a prolonged sit down with the coach, at older ages it  is usually ejection. In the unlikely event of repeat penalties during the season  the convenor can at their sole discretion  apply a  suspension.
  • Coaches are obliged to keep the game as even as possible; they have several strategies available. We reserve the right to move kids to higher age groups and will entertain requests to have children play at younger age groups.
  • There is a high level of camaraderie within and between teams; girls are welcomed. It is not uncommon  before and during games to have players change teams to even things out.
  • Indoor players are welcome and generally make up 30-50% of any given team; they generally enjoy the less regemented, team centric play… kind of like playing in Sweden.  They also get to practice pure skills without the contact distraction and attempt passing plays etc. that might be frowned on indoor.
  • Coaching is very informal; the regimen is extremely toned down. This is not a “development” league. Our goal is to have children enjoy the game and go on to being regulars at the nightly shinny matches.
  • Spectators are expected to be toned down too; cheering, laughing, assistant coaching, and ice scraping are encouraged. Comments directed at the ref are not tolerated.

The youngest will get 8-10 games and the oldest 10-14 depending on weather. Each team has one scheduled practice during the week. “Fair Play” rules always apply; don’t run up the score and everyone gets fair time on the ice.

Games are played on Saturday with the older teams also playing a few week-night games ;

  • 10-12s play at 9 AM,
  • 8-9s at 10,
  •  7 & under at 11,
  • 13-15s at noon.

The fee is $60 per child plus a 2016 CBBCA membership. The CBBCA family membership of $25 is payable once per year per family or in a special Sandhills 5 year membership for $100.

To register on-line  <click here>.You can also contact our program coordinator by email to complete your registration off-line.

The indoor version of Canada’s game is played at the arenas in Kinburn and Carp.  Youth indoor hockey is operated by the West Carleton Minor Hockey Association.

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