All In; Unlimited Adult Day Programs

CBBCA logo imageAll In is our all inclusive, Monday to Friday, daytime drop in program.

All In gives members access to 80 hours of great programs every month for just $25. You’ll find more variety, more flexibility, and 8 of the regions best instructors. We are so confident All In will move you in ways that you love that there are no contracts, no registration fees, and no gimmicks.  The days of having to pick one program are over;  drop in to as many programs as you like, as often as you like for just $25/month.  All In Members get 14 different day-time programs for one monthly price, no drop in fees. Our members get to pick the program that suits their mood—to work out, de-stress, or be uplifted– and they just do it; once you join there are no reservations or advance bookings. Fourteen programs, as often as you want, for half the usual price of one.

pricing 2017All In is designed for people of any age who are at home during the day or even some of the time or even some of the days. With 19 program times to choose from  you really don’t have to be around very often. You’ll find a complete program listing and schedule by clicking the “All In; Current Program Listing” menu at left.

If you don’t think organized programs are for you, or perhaps they just aren’t for you anymore; think again. You are never too old or too young for All In. With 8 great instructors and 14 different programs All In offers more variety, more intensities, and more styles than you might imagine possible. Our team will lift you up, calm you down, stretch you out and work you; at your speed. If you can sit or walk or run we have programs that suit you. Our members enjoy all the favourites — like Pilates, Yoga, Line Dancing, and Zumba — plus a unique array of other choices for every body and every mood.

We’ve also paired our exceptional program deal with the best Fitness Centre deal; Monday to Friday day-time access to the gym for an additional $10/month ($35) and an All-In programs pass with any-time access to the gym for $45/month.

Combined with new leisure areas to chat, relax, or play a game of cards, the Library, café areas, seminars, and the Fitness Centre, All-In and your community centre give day time residents exceptional variety and value.

All-In was created for you, to give you choices, flexibility, and affordability.  You will find a complete range of fun choices that will suit men and women of every age and fitness level. Try All-In and if you decide its not for you, there is no problem to cancel and no contract. Memberships run for 30 days from date of registration, so you can register any time.

If you choose a fitness centre/gym option, there is a standard advance session with our Personal Trainer before you are set to go. There is no charge for the orientation session and you can book it below.

For monthly payment customers, we only accept preauthorized debit or preauthorized Credit Card. Unlike most places, you can cancel or suspend without penalty with two weeks notice (so we can stop the PAD/PACC in time). We can accept one time cash or cheque payments for six and twelve month pre-paid members. If you decide All In isn’t for you, just let us know and we’ll cancel the payment authorization for you. If you are one of our seasonal members, we can also suspend payments while you are away.

If you are only interested in the All In programs,  you can do an express registration; email us ( info at ) with your picture and address, complete the payment section below, and we’ll get your membership card ready for you. ( Make your selection below and click Subscribe, on the next page – if you don’t have a Paypal account – just click on the line below the “login” button.  To pay by pre-authorized debit you need to create a Paypal account.

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