Programs span sports, entertainment, health and fitness, young children’s play and learning, dance, theatre, Girl Guides and more. The Programs listed here are offered within the CBBCA area; private and 3rd party programs and athletics are recorded on this site for information purposes and are denoted by an asterisk. You can access program descriptions and registration information from the left menu. There are seven menu categories; Adults, All-In Day Programs, Fitness Centre, Families, West Ottawa CRC Service Centre, Legion 616, and Rural Root Theatre Company. You are sure to find something for all ages.  When programs open for  registration you will find links to them on the “Shop On-Line” page which you can reach from the menu bar at the top of every page.

When we hear about programs and registration dates we announce it first in the News Page and Posts sections of this website, then to the over 630 members of  our Facebook Group, in our e-letter to nearly 700 people, and then the paper newsletter which goes to everyone.   We like our Facebook group because its free, members get an immediate email when news and comments are posted, and members can post comments and provide feedback. The e-letter is also free but you only receive one email every couple of weeks  with all of the news. Either way, you don’t have to keep coming to the website or going to Facebook to see what’s going on – just join the group or e-letter and forget it. You can subscribe to the eletter by clicking here  and pressing send, no words are necessary.

  The CBBCA delivers programming independently and in collaboration with public and private partners. Our goal is to ensure residents have local access to the widest possible variety of affordable athletic, learning and social opportunities.  If you have an idea for a program that you think might benefit the community, send us a note.


Most CBBCA programs and events are available for registration on this web site by Pay Pal or credit card. You can also purchase your CBBCA Membership on-line by clicking here. Unfortunately we cannot register City of Ottawa programs; they must be registered directly at Private and 3rd party programs and athletics are recorded on this site for information purposes.


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