Constance Bay’s Fitness Centre

side view 20150620 v2We are happy to offer two options for CBBCA Fitness Centre members;

Daytime only, 9am to 4pm,  Monday to Friday;  $25 / month

Anytime, 5am to midnight, 7 days a week;  $35 / month

The Fitness Centre is located on the second floor over-looking the forest to the south and east. It’s an inspiring place with 16 foot ceilings, 12 foot windows, and a balcony to cool off on. You’ll  find industry leading machines including treadmills, ellypticals, bikes, functional trainer, lifting cage, benches, mats, free-weights, and other equipment. Our machines include such features as downloadable work-out  history, custom courses, heart monitors,  TV screens, and the latest safety features.  You can take the virtual tour here.

For monthly payment customers, we only accept preauthorized debit or preauthorized Credit Card. Unlike most places, you can cancel without penalty with two weeks notice (so we can stop the PAD/PACC in time). We can accept one time cash or cheque payments for six and twelve month pre-paid members. Unfortunately we cannot accept one-month only membership requests.

There is one advance session with our Personal Trainers before you are set to go. There is no charge for the session and you can book it below, it is standard in the Fitness business but there is usually a charge upwards of $80.

To get info on great family rates, obtain your access card, book your appointment, complete the Payment section at left, and send your address and a selfie to info at .

Your Trainer Appointment

CBBCA logo imageThe health of our residents comes first so the Personal Trainer Appointment is a mandatory and confidential step for every fitness centre member. Katrin will guide you through the standard questionnaire  and waiver and give you an orientation of the facility and machines. If you have a particular goal  she can show you how to track your progress and to help you get there. She can also make recommendations to help avoid aggravating an old injury, strengthen a weak spot, and gain flexibility in your stiff parts.  If you’d like on-going support you can book directly with Katrin for a personal or group training session.

Please identify your orientation appointment preferences below and we’ll get back to confirm the date and time.

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August 4, 2015

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December 31, 2025

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