Constance Bay & WC Flooding – How you can help

There are already been some great events and a few more are in the works for the coming weeks to support the work of the Flood Relief Team; raising money to provide building materials so severely impacted residents can return to a healthy home.

To contribute furniture & appliances to affected residents please join our “CB Flood Recovery – Furniture Exchange” Group on Facebook at or send us a description by an email at

You can drop off any clothing, linens etc and non-perishable food items, juices, and soda to WC Emergency Food Aid.

You can also Donate to the CBBCA; note that the CBBCA is an incorporated not-for-profit who has been serving the impacted communities for the past 70 years. Your donation is not tax deductible.


Flood Relief Adult Ts & Tanks

Celebrate the exceptional achievement of the volunteers from across the continent and help us rebuild with our Flood Relief Ts, Tanks, and Hats.

Order on-line and we will have them delivered to you, or stop by the centre and pick them up.



Adult Ts & Tanks are just $20, all in. All proceeds aid the flood rebuilding effort.


Flood Relief  Youth Ts


Youth Ts are only $10, all in, and are available in S-M-L sizes.

Flood Relief  Hats


Hats come in one size with adjustable strap, just $15.