CBBCA logo imageVolunteers are at the heart of the CBBCA. Volunteers do almost everything here; from running T Ball to changing the light bulbs. Some do it for their volunteer hours, others because it is a great way to meet wonderful people, and over time, many do it because we can make amazing things happen. Together we make sure our programs and events are affordable, we make our facility available, and we share ideas and  together we grow them. CBBCA volunteers are people like you; people of all ages, from across our service area, with a wide variety of interests and abilities.

Every job is a link in our chain, every one is important. Click on anything below and we’ll tell you what the job is and you can select how much of it you want. Click, join the team, share in making amazing things happen.

 The Cafe

Its a good place to see people and always be appreciated. Your community centre runs seven days a week; most days from 9am to 9pm. We don’t get too carried away here; coffee and cold drinks, muffins and light sandwiches, and of course, a few treats for the children. If you have a couple hours you can spare each week, this is where we really need you.


There is never enough and a lot of bigger and smaller ways to help.

Facility Operations

Its a big place, 17,000 ft2 now,  and something, from machines to light bulbs,  breaks all the time.

 Programs & Clubs

It covers just about everything that isn’t a sport. Bring your own idea or help us decide which ones to work on.  With our new spaces we are looking to expand. We have a couple people ready to start but we need a couple more.

Renovations, Refurbs and Painting

Sandhills Phase 2 is now underway… how far we get depends on you.

At the Rink

The rink is a magnet for kids and they really appreciate the people who keep it up. We have the equipment if you have the time.

Special Events

Every month they come in all shapes and sizes for all ages. Pop in to help set-up, learn a skill, or help organize. It takes a lot of people to make them work. For the second half of  2015 we have the most varied and exciting program ever. Jump in!

SportsField Operations

From May to September all of the fields are busy. If you have a few minutes a day or a few hours a week, there is lots to do.

Services & Fundraising

This is where we put everything else…