Beach Protocol

 Beach Guide

Constance Bay Village is our home. Please respect it.

The beaches are not owned by the City of Ottawa. This guide outlines a protocol for using them.

The Village is in the City of Ottawa. All Ottawa City laws and by-laws apply here and are enforced.

Village residents are encouraged to abide by this protocol.  


Ver. 1.1                                                    July 2009



Access to the water

Please use the access lanes to get to the river. Keep the access lanes clear for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Abandoned items may be towed and disposed of.

Private Property

Trespassing and interfering with private property will be reported to the police.


Ottawa City parking by-laws apply here, e.g.:

No parking within 3 metres of an intersection, or where indicated. Blocking laneways or mailboxes is not permitted. Please respect “No Parking” signs. Don’t let a ticket spoil your day.

Beach Rules

The beaches are not owned by the City of Ottawa. There are no services, no lifeguards, nor insurance. Swim and use it at your own risk.


Intoxicated people — on the beach, on the water, or on our roads – ruin it for everyone. It is against the law to have open alcohol in an area open to the public, or to supply alcohol to minors. Driving a car — or boat – while impaired are criminal offences.

DrugsCriminal offence


For safety sake, glass is not allowed. Please pick up any you find and put it in a garbage can. There are no first aid facilities in the Village; any cut can turn out to be serious. The closest hospital is 30 km away; an ambulance can take 20 min. to get here.


Fires are dangerous. They can get out of control and endanger lives and homes. We have only one road in and out of here! Morning-after embers can still badly burn one’s feet, even if buried in the sand. And the ashes foul the beach. Provincial law prohibits unauthorized open fires. Property owners are required to have City fire permits. So just because you see a fire doesn’t mean you can have one.


City by-laws say no one may:

Make noise that disturbs, or is likely to disturb others at any time;

Play a sound system between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. on weekdays, And 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 12:00 noon on Sunday or a holiday.


Please don’t leave any behind. If you find someone else’s, please help keep the beach clean and take that also.


City by-laws require owners to have their animals under control and to “poop & scoop”.


Unauthorized motorized vehicles are not permitted on the beach.


Helpful Numbers

Life at risk, crime in progress                          911

Bylaw infractions                                                 311

Other emergencies                 (613) 230-6211

Make a Fire complaint       (613) 232-1551

File a Police report (613) 236-1222 x 7300