CBBCA logo imageCBBCA membership has its advantages:

>  Reduced fees for local sports and other programs,  usually 25% to 75% less than elsewhere

>  Reduced rental rates for the Community Centre and some events and, for our children, many free events

>  Making an investment in our community and indirectly in the value of your home.

Since 1949 the CBBCA has been investing in our community; from our first fire “truck” ( a Jeep with a tank mounted on a trailer) through the next sixty six years  to  to our second community centre expansion, membership has always  been a way for community members to create a better community. CBBCA Memberhip supports  the perennial garden at Dunrobin Rd, the custom village signs, our soccer fields, the playground, and just about everything  else we have that is a little nicer or a little newer than most  everywhere else.

Memberships in the CBBCA are reasonably priced. An individual membership is $10.  A household (also called family) membership is $25 each. A “household” or “family” is considered two adults (or a single parent) and their under 19  children, and the  Sandhills  five year membership for $100. Take advantage of our pay-online option or  email us.  Memberships purchased between January and September expire at the end of the current calendar year.

To pay by Credit Card, without Paypal, 1) choose your option below & 2) on the next screen just click the hyperlink below the login button (shown below).

CBBCA Individual 2018 Annual  Membership

CBBCA Household 2018 Annual Membership

CBBCA Special Sandhills 5 year Membership