Corporate Information

Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association Inc.

262 Len Purcell Dr, Woodlawn, ON

K0A 3M0

The CBBCA is an independent Not-For-Profit corporation conducting business in rural west Ottawa on behalf of its shareholders; the residents of the former township of Torbolton. The CBBCA and the Northwind Centre welcome members and non-members from across Ottawa and the surrounding area however only the residents and/or property owners of our catchment area can acquire voting rights. The overarching mission of the CBBCA is to work in the best interests of the community and its members. In the normal course of it’s business the CBBCA  enters into arms length contracts for service with the City of Ottawa, other levels of government, other organizations, and private businesses. The 22 independent directors and officers of the board of the CBBCA are elected annually.

Founded: September 1949

Ontario Corporation 1016572  since June 3, 1993

CRA Registrant# 86049 7254

Patent Letters ON9498481

CBBCA Constitution and By-laws Feb 2015

The 2017 reports will be presented at the  AGM in April 2018


2017-Feb-12 CBBCA AGM Report Final

2017-Feb-12 CBBCA AGM Minutes DRAFT


2016 CBBCA AGM Report Final

2016-Feb-07 CBBCA AGM Minutes Approved

CBBCA 2016 Proposed By-Law Amendments


2015 CBBCA AGM Report Final

2015-Feb-08 CBBCA AGM Minutes Approved

Constitution and By-laws; Approved amendment February 8,2015


February 2 2014 CBBCA AGM Annual Report

CBBCA Feb 2 2014 AGM Minutes Approved


February 10 2013 CBBCA AGM Annual Report

CBBCA Feb 10 2013 AGM  Minutes Approved


2012 01 29 CBBCA AGM Annual Report

2012 01 29 AGM Minutes Approved

CBBCA Constitution and By-laws Feb 2012


January 30 2011 AGM Annual Report

2011 01 30 AGM minutes approved


2010 01 17 CBBCA AGM Annual Report

January 17 2010 AGM Minutes Approved



October 2nd 2004 AGM Minutes Approved


In addition to the Policies and Procedures detailed in the corporations Bylaws (above) the following  may be of interest to our members:

CBBCA Accessibiity Policy

CBBCA Bar and Canteen Policies & Procedures

CBBCA Code of Conduct

CBBCA Election Procedures

CBBCA Financial Policies & Procedures

CBBCA Incident Reporting Policy

CBBCA Materials Rental Policy & Procedures

CBBCA Participant Safety Policy

CBBCA Policy on Discrimination

CBBCA Policy on Harassment & Bullying

CBBCA Volunteer Screening Policy



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